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DS/DT Reduced price BPN aristo blouse, AATP A-symetrical skirt, will consider trades!


To celebrate my awesome new job I am saving up to by myself something expensive, my absolute dream dress, but since even the price that I'm willing to pay for this dream after cashing in on my commission still scares the Hell out of me, I'm looking to sell these two items to soften the blow on my second commission check :}
+Smoke-free home, but I do have two cats.  They, however, do not come near my clothes.

Here is the necessary:

+ I am located in the United States, 46385
+ I will ship international
+ I always shipped tracked and insured, which may be pricey for international, so you may request otherwise AT YOUR OWN RISK.
+ Feel free to offer any trades; I will only wear goth, aristo, classic, or solid black sweet(ish) items, though.


Now, on to the items!

1.  Black Peace Now Goth/Punk deconstructed blouse, size M

Gorgeous blouse, never worn by myself but worn a few times by the previous owner.  In wonderful condition; no stains, tears, marks, etc.  Like new!
34' bust MAX
26' waist MAX
(Let me know if you'd need the lengths!)

Price: $65 Shipped US, $72 international; tracked with all fees included  REDUCED! $52 Shipped US, $59 Shipped international

2.  Alice and the Pirates A-symetrical black corset skirt

I love this skirt, but just never wore it... I'm very tall and it just looked too short on me at the high-cut points, so it's a no.  It pains me to sell, though! </3  I bought this new with tags, and never once wore it, so it is STILL new, save for being tried on a couple times (with high hopes) and the tags being removed.

Max waist: 25 inches, HAS ALMOST NO GIVE TO IT!  BE WARNED!

(Try to ignore the lint, please!)

Stock(Note that mine never came with the chain, so you will not receive the chain...)

Price: $75 shipped US, $82 shipped international, all fees included

The two coordinated because they're just SO AMAZING...

Thank you for looking!!
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