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ATTN: Kiyoki39

I'm looking for kiyoki39. She sold me an IW JSK which can be found in this post. ( http://egl-comm-sales.livejournal.com/14549888.html ) I paid the first half of $100 immediately. A couple of days (2) later I was informed she was banned, which is very upsetting that her post even got through. Anyway, I PM'd her and told her I wanted out of the transaction and that I want my money back because I do not deal with scammers/banned sellers. However she told me she already spent the money and that she would offer not only to take off $80, but to ship EXPRESS WITH TRACKING the day after my next payment. I paid the final $100 around Tuesday or Wednesday last week and told her to have it shipped by the end of the week (Friday). Friday came, and I heard nothing, so I PM'd her asked. She hadn't shipped. Promised I would have my tracking Saturday ("Hey! I just got home, I'll be shipping it out this afternoon and will have the tracking to you by today "). Saturday I didn't hear a word, so I pm'd her again, she wrote back that she was out of town because of easter and that she would give me my tracking Sunday night.
("Hey! I kind of got swept away by my boyfriend's family for easter and didn't have time to go back home. No worries, once I get home tonight I'll have your tracking! Really sorry, thank you again for giving me this chance.") I don't understand why she is dragging me around. Whenever I asked if she has even shipped she simply says she will have my tracking. To me she is avoiding the question and just giving me the run around.

Monday she finally gave me a tracking number, however it doesn't work and she's not answering her PMs. Normally I wouldn't even be so quick to make an ATTN SELLER post, but because she has been banned, I feel it is necessary to ask if anyone knows her to tell her I want my JSK (i.e. a tracking number that WORKS) or I will be opening a claim TOMORROW. I feel greatly disrespected that I gave her a chance to do right and she is dragging me through the dirt by giving me false tracking numbers and not shipping out like we agreed.

Some key points I would like to point out since I have posted this ATTN SELLER post

-The false tracking she gave me she has given to at least two other people EJ029384222US If she has given you this tracking number as well, let me know. She may have changed the country code at the end to say JP instead of US, though.

-There are several people who have not received their items from her despite there having been more than enough time for her to send out their items. If you have not received something you have ordered from her, I highly recommend opening a dispute NOW! if you can. If you paid by personal payment/the 45 day limit has passed, I am sorry to say, but I think she had no intention of actually parting with her items, and just wanted to scam people for money. If she PMs you to sell something to you DO NOT BUY FROM HER. SHE IS A SCAMMER!

-She has not gotten back to me despite the fact that people commented on her Facebook about this post (she also deleted their comments) and also people have called her to let her know. I even opened a dispute and she has not bothered to try and contact me in anyway or reply to the dispute. I am pretty positive at this point my dispute will escalate to a claim.
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