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DS/DT: A blouse, wigs and lots of accessories

I’m going to apologise beforehand for the wall of text. It’s my first sales post and I wanted to cover everything >.< Hopefully I don’t come off as a Prima Donna but I’m paranoid at the moment because two of my transactions are up in the air =( But enough of my problems and onto the wall of text sales! Oh and please point out anything I've missed =D

Terms and Conditions

  • Feedback:

  • I come from a smoke-free and pet-free home

  • Paypal only (unless you are in Australia, then bank transfer is ok)

  • Paypal fee and shipping is NOT included I no longer charge Paypal fees. Shipping is still NOT included

  • I ship from Australia so prices are in Australian dollars

  • Shipping is via airmail. Can be insured for most countries if you ask for it. Please note that shipping is very expensive from Australia and I will be absorbing some of it.

  • Note that US buyers have an additional charge from Australia (I have no idea why really =____=) of $9 for items over 500g and all ECI and EPI services. US buyers may also face transit delays of up to 48 hours. I am willing to absorb part or this entire fee depending on how much you buy.

  • Once the package is in Australia’s Post’s hands, I am not responsible for anything that happens to it in transit.

  • Holds with a 10% non-refundable deposit for one week negotiable. Layaways are also allowed with this deposit. How long depends on the price of the item but I will not go over 1 month.

  • For trades, please see my policy below.

  • Please ask all your questions before leaving your Paypal. Backing out after leaving your Paypal will result in negative feedback. Not paying within 48hrs of being invoiced will also result in negative feedback, unless you let me know you need more than 48hrs.

  • Items are on a first come, first served basis. Whoever first expresses interest in the item is first in line. However, if you don’t respond within 24hrs I will move on to the next Lolita in line.

  • No haggling as my prices are as low as I can go. You will be ignored if you do. Haggling now allowed but only REASONABLE offers please!

  • I reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at anytime as I see fit.


  • Open to whole or partial trades, but please note I am after specific things and fairly picky. Please look at my wish list. Items offered not on my wish list will be ignored.

  • Please be reasonable, items should be of equal value or the difference paid. Don’t be afraid to show me something that has more value than what you are looking for here, I am willing to pay the difference if it’s something I want =)

  • Shipping should be paid by the other party i.e. I will pay for the shipping of the item you ship to me and you will pay for the shipping of the item I ship to you. This is negotiable though based on weight, difference in price of items etc.

  • Please leave your feedback when offering items for trade


  • Black/blackxwhite hair accessories. No headbands or alice bows please! Headdresses and mini-hats preferred

  • Anything gothic I'll take a look at but no punk or sweet stuff


Proof will be a piece of paper with my username and emoticon.

All images are thumbnails so please click them if you want a better view.

Blouse SOLD

Condition: Very good. Has detachable sleeves held by buttons and loops of elastic. Only tried on. Bought off the comm sales last month. Love it but it’s just too short on me. It barely covers my belly button so I’m going to have to let it go. There are two stains on it that the seller didn’t tell me about and they are pictured below. There is also an extra loop of elastic and button on the back in case you lose them off the sleeves. Looking at them they can be easily removed.
These are all unprofessional measurements so please keep that in mind.
-Bust: 95cm
-Waist: 80cm
-Length (from shoulder): 54cm

Hair accessories


-Purple $6 for the pair
-Pink $6 for the pair
Condition: New and unused.

Barrette Hair Clip

Price: $8
Condition: Excellent. Used twice for casual wear in high school.


Pink Heart earrings

Price: $10
Condition: New and unused. I had wanted the silver version but got the gold version instead. I don’t wear gold earrings as the details get lost with the colour of my skin and hair so I’m selling it.

Hoop earrings

Price: $7
Condition: New and unused. I haven’t taken them out of their packaging yet but if you want a photo of them out of the packaging, I can do so if you ask.

Nail accessories

Fake nails

Price: $22
Condition: Excellent.Used once for my high school formal (prom), so only 10 nails are missing. There is a space for nail glue in the box and once used, the box can be used as an accessories container. The set did come with nail glue but the nail glue has since dried up so I threw it out.

Nail Art

Price: $1 each
Condition:Excellent. New and unopened.

Nail Rhinestones

Price: $15
Condition:Excellent. Used once so only 10 rhinestones are missing.


Fake Pearl Necklaces

1. $10
2. $16
Condition: Excellent. Both are new and never used. However number 1 has a pearl missing so I have reflected that in the price. Number 1 is on the left and Number 2 is on the right.

Number 1:

Missing pearl

Number 2:

Heart Necklace

Price: $10
Condition: Excellent. Only worn once.


Both wigs stored in wig nets and the bag they came in:

Black Bob Wig

Price: $30
Condition: Excellent. Worn once for a couple of hours for cosplay. Good quality with a skin top shown in the pictures. Fibres are very soft. Adjustable.

Skin top:

Copper Shoulder Length Wig

Price: $45
Condition: Excellent. Worn once for a couple of hours for cosplay. Extremely good quality with a skin top shown in the pictures. The fibres are extremely soft. They look like real hair. There are low-lights and highlights in the wig, making it appear very natural. Adjustable.

Skin top:

Any questions please ask! Thanks for looking! ^.^
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