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DS: Cute Shoes

Hello and welcome to my sales!
Here is my feedback:
I only take paypal.
Priority to those who pays first or offers most.
All items include shipping
I prefer to ship things within the states.
I add free tracking if you're in the states :]
No trades unless stated 

1. DS: Cute Pink Off brand shoes

Condition: Worn once has smudges and dust but cleaned it a bit for photos. : )
Also the shoe wasn't made perfect the right foot shoe straps are a bit longer than the left doesn't take away it's cuteness though.
Measurements: 6.5 -7 US/37/23.5/M
Price: $30 $25 shipped everywhere OR haggle me with your most reasonable offer because I don't need these cute shoes to collect dust.
Additional Pictures:
Thanks for viewing!!
Tags: !ds, offbrand
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