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My egl feedback page is here.

I am shipping via USPS from Hawaii, USA. I'm not responsible for items once I mail them off. I save shipping receipts as proof of shipment.

No refunds or returns.

Please comment with your:

As much as I appreciate the interest this has been sold for over a year.


Today I'm selling a DoL (Dream of Lolita Replica of AP's Fantastic Dolly Print. It is the highwaisted Jsk in lavender.

It was an impulse buy, and a few days after getting it I learned (very last minute) that I'll be studying abroad this Fall. Yay, but also aaaagh!

★★★★★. The previous owner never wore it. I only wore it for a few hours at a con

It's just a little wrinkled from packaging.


+ No zipper; entire back half is shirred with very flexible elastic.

+ Fully lined.

+ Removable ribbon waist tie thing.

+ Straps non-adjustable.

+ Print: Has "AP" logo in the emblems, unlike some other replicas. Even, no bleeding or staining upon inspection.

+Polkadot ribbon brooch removable.

+Embroidered floral tulle lace details.

+LOTS of room for poof!

Sizing: Bust up to 40" for comfort, I'd estimate?

Price: $76 shipped in the USA. ($65 + $11 Priority shipping) obo

Thanks for looking!
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