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Sack Boy shall be my proof

I'm cleaning out my closet, and i want rid of this One Piece. Its very damaged as I had a misshap with the washing machine, and bleach. Its got muliply brown stains (from where the lace ran) on the front collar, and in the white stripes throughout the top. The lace has also been bleach damaged. All this has mostly occured on the top half of the dress.

I thought that someone might be able to turn it into a skirt, or use the fabric rather than me binning it, as the bottom is mostly undamaged, and I just lack the ability to do anything with it. The arm wholes were also altered (Prior to the accident) But not well.
I have honestly no idea how much to ask for this so its just best offer(s)?


Secondly I have some matching accesorys for the melty chocolate. The bows are fine, but the ribbons look as if they're ran a little. One of the bows has a pin fastening, the other had a hairband (isn't pictured here but i do have it)

£5 OBO for the set.

Thank you


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