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DS: Lots of Meta (Royal Frame set + repost with reduction)

- All prices are in USD and include shipping
- All measurements are amateur and may not be 100% accurate
- Priority goes to the first person to leave their PayPal
- Feedback can be found here (EGL Feedback) and also here (eBay Feedback).

Black Royal Frame Tiered Pinafore Dress - SOLD

Meta's page

This is a black Royal Frame tiered pinafore jsk. It's fully shirred and will fit a wide variety of sizes. It has detachable waist ties and a detachable bow. It was only worn once.

length 101cm (39.7in), skirt length 60cm (23.6in), bust 88cm (34.6in), high waist 74cm (29.1in) (from Meta's site, the bust and waist will go about eight inches larger or so)

Black Royal Frame Canotier - SOLD

This is a black Royal Frame canotier. It is a bow on top of some tulle-like (I think) fabric. It has a black rose on the center of the bow and a strand of black pearls (plastic) pearls. It has only been worn once.

Black Royal Frame 2 Way Bag - SOLD


This is a black Royal Frame 2 way bag. It can be used as show in the pictures above with the top corners pulled out or it can be used like this with the corners tucked in. It has one external zipped pocket on the back and three internal pockets, one of which is also a zipped pocket.

12.5 in x 6 in x 9.5 in

Antique Gold Royal Frame Necklace - SOLD

close up

This is an antique gold Royal Frame necklace. It was not sold online or in stores and was only available as part of a novelty fair. It has only been worn once.

The chain is about 16 in long with a 2 in extender.

Cream Candy House Socks - $25 Shipped US/$30 Shipped International OBO

These are cream and brown Candy House knee socks. The have off white lace and a cream satin bow at the top. They are about 16 in long. They have never been worn.


White Metamorphose Short Sleeve Blouse - SOLD

collar detail | bottom detail | back

This is a brand new white Meta short sleeve blouse that has lace on the collar, sleeves, and bottom. The sleeves have an elastic opening. The blouse has detachable waist ties, a shirred back, and comes with an extra button. This is brand new with tags and has never been worn.

Bust: 34"-38" (taken flat and doubled, may go smaller due to waist ties)
Waist: 32"-36" (taken flat and doubled, may go smaller due to waist ties)

Red and White Striped Metamorphose Socks - SOLD

embroidery detail

These are brand new red and white striped Meta ankle socks. They have white lace on the top with a red bow and have embroidered cherries on them. Underneath the cherries Metamorphose is embroidered in gold. They are brand new with tags and has never been worn.

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