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DS: Embrodery black jacket , OTK and knee high socks, milky-chan bow and accessories

Another closet cleanning to make room for more stuff :D

My feedback is here:

Shipping is not included in the prices, please ask^^

New Black Embrodery Jacket

I never wore it simply because it is not my style. My mom insisted to buy it for me but it has been sitting in my closet for at least 4 years now. It is of great quality and well made. The brand is Tristan and Iseult, I don't know if it exists in the US though. They sell expensive stuff.

Price: 35 + shipping OBO
(original value was around 70$ and it is new)

It is fully lined and comfortable, it is made of 'rayon' (that's what is written on the tag). It has nice black embrodery swirls all around.
I tried it to evaluate the measurements and I was surprised to find that it is slightly too small for me now.
MAX measurements would be:
Bust - 38
Waist - 32
I would recommend that you be a bit less than the max though.

Pic with the flash on >.<

Pic with the flash off

F21 bows sweater

It is a size L, I wore it some times but not that much. It is kinda short on me and I don't have anythign to put under so I will let it go. It was very hard to get, there was only one left and not at the right place too... it seemed like there was a war to get one just before I entered the shop XD

Price: 12$ + shipping

Socks, all offbrand

Blue stripes knee high (worn but still clean) - 5$
Black, grey and red stripes OTK ( never worn, no trace of wear) - 7$
Black long OTK with white bows (never worn, tried on) - 7$
Cute  knee high monkey with colored light bulbs (never worn, tried on) - 5$
Black  and rainbow stripes play boy logo knee high (new, tried on) - 5$
Black with red hearts and stripes knee high (new, tried on) - 5$

Milky-chan replica detachable bow

Price: 5$ + shipping

Pink headbows set

Price: 8$ + shipping

Mini-hats hairclips set

Price: 7$ + shipping

Accessories sets

Hairbands set (all of them, 2 pink bear heads and 3 Hello Kitty heads) - 5$ + shipping

Clips set (2 bows + 2 flowers) - 4$ + shipping

Victorian chocker
Price: 10$ + shipping

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