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DSDT: Metamorphose, Angelic Pretty, Baby the stars shine bright

Hey everybody,
It’s time to make a “spring-closet-clean-out” again and hopefully collect
some money with this and other things to get a new notebook before I
start going study. So please help me and give this sweeties a new home.<3


EBAY: ebay feedback

Please read the rules before you buy:
- Paypal only!
- I ship from germany.
- Shipping is not included in the price.
- Prices are listed in US Dollars / EURO
- In my prices is consider shipping costs and tax costs, that I had to pay for the stuff.
- I do not accept payment plans and hold’s because I need the money. Sorry.
according to which stuff you offer me for trading, i'm interested in trade if you have positive feedback 
- Priority is given to the first who leaves his paypal address.
- I live in a smoke-free household. No animals are close to my lolita closet.
- In my prices I regard the price of the stuff, when I bought it. Also tax costs and shipping
costs for myself.

If you’re still interested please leave you pp and your location to calculate.

I. BTSSB Jumperskirt with beautiful Embroideries (name unknown)

Price: 160 $ /100 €

Lenght: 83 cm
Bust: 42 cm (measured across, without stretching)
Waist: 38 cm (measured across, without stretching)
- Shirring on the frontside

Condition: bought it second hand but it’s in a great condition! Couldn’t find any stains/flaws.

Close up from the shirring and embroideries:

II. Angelic Pretty Ichigo Millefleur Handbag

Price: 100 $ / 70 €

Height with handle: 40 cm
Height without handle: 25 cm
Width (high edge): 33 cm
Width (low edge): 24 cm

Condition: Very good condition, only used one time. No stains/flaws.



Thank you for your time ^___^

Tags: !ds, !dt, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, lief, metamorphose
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