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WTB: Print dresses or skirts from various brands, also DS: 4 week repost

Hello! I am looking for one of the following prints. I will consider all versions (JSK, OP, Skirt) as slong as it is not a babydoll cut and can fit a 90 cm bust. I will also consider most colorways 
  • If I find something I like, I will pay within 2 working days. Unfortunately I cant do quicker than that due to working so keep that in mind if you wish to sell to me. Thank you
  •  Victorian Maiden:


But most VM are welcome anyway

2) Mary Magdalene:

But will consider all offers

3)  Innocent World: Their more mature pieces or country lolita pieces like the Annete JSK or floral and fruit prints


4) One of the following prints:


5) Angelic Pretty

6) Metamorphose


7) Lief/Mew


Selling terms:
  • I come from a smoker house, but I don't smoke myself, never allow smokers in my room and I am very careful so that my lolita clothes don't come in touch with smoke.
  • I have a pet dog, it doesn't get in my room but keep it in mind.
  • Paypal only please
  • Paypal fees included, shipping not included!
  • Priority goes to trading, if I find something to my liking, but if I decide to sell, the item goes to the one that leaves their paypal first. That doesn't mean that you can just give your address and not contact me for days though.
  • The buyer who leaves their paypal has 48 hours to pay, otherwise the item will be sold to the next available person.
  • My feedback page
  • I have the right to deny selling to a person with negative feedback
  • I am not responsible for lost packages after I ship them so I would kindly advice buyers to choose shipping with tracking.
  • I ship within 3 days after payment, unless there is a weekend interjected

Bodyline Velveteen Jacket 20% reduced!

Very pretty BL jacket, no longer available at the site. The jacket has lacing at the sides, lining and knit lace. It fastens at the front with two buttons. Only worn once. Excellent condition. Proof of ownership

Size: M
Sleeve length: 59 cm
Waist: 78 cm but can go lower because of lacing

Price: 19 euro, 15 euro

Europe: 5,50 euros w/o tracking or 8 euros with tracking
Rest of the world: 6,30 euros w/o tracking or 8,80 euros with tracking 

 Glitter dividers

Taobao Punk Rave Heart Tote Bag

Heart shaped tote bag by the Taobao brand Punk Rave. Has only been used once. The back is in excellent condition, it is fully lined and fastens with a magnetic clip.

Price: 8 euro, 6 euro

Europe: 2,45 euros w/o tracking or 4,95 euros with tracking
Rest of the world: 2,60 euros w/o tracking or 5,10 euros with tracking 

I decided to clean up my closet a bit, so a few things have to go. All the items sold here are hand made, but since I am an amateur, they have imperfections, that are listed below each item. Unfortunately I can no longer fix those, since my sewing machine broke down. They are priced with that in mind, even though the materials used far surpass the price.

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White Lolita skirt

Photobucket Photobucket

Handmade white lolita skirt. It is made from cotton. Never worn condition. The top part is decorated with silk trim while the lower ones are decorated with tulle lace with very pretty details. The skirt is not lined, best used during the summer months or with other skirt.  The waistband is fully elasticized. There are sme sewing imperfections on the inner side of the skirt, like a few loose threads at some parts.

Additional pictures: Trim, Lace, Waistband, Inner


Waist: 64 cm - 100 cm
length: 54 cm (lace included)

Price: 15 euro, 12 euro


Europe: 4,30 euro without tracking or 6,80 euro with tracking

Other Region: 4,75 euro without tracking or 7,25 euro with tracking

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Red Bustle Skirt SOLD, THANK YOU!


Red, casual lolita skirt, made from two layers. It is in good worn condition. The lower layer is decorated with ruffle while the top layer is decorated with tulle lace and flower trim. The skirt is made of cotton and it is not lined. The waistband is fully elasticized. There are some loose threads at the inner side of the waistband

Additional pictures:  
Back, inner, waistband


Length: 46 cm
Waist: 68 cm - 100 cm

Price: 7 euro, 5 euro


Europe: 4,30 euro without tracking or 6,80 euro with tracking

Other Region: 4,75 euro without tracking or 7,25 euro with tracking

Glitter dividers

Also take a look at my older sales. Classic lolita comb and Hello Kitty watch available for sale here!

Thank you very much!
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