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DS / DT : AATP Headbow, Offbrand and bodyline clothes

Info :
Price do not include shipping
Shipping worldwide trought ordinary post mail. unless specified
cat owner
I only accept Paypal
Please feel free to ask any questions.

Item # 1
AATP headbow

the red is more wine red then the picture
never worn, only tried on for 2 min. its too sweet looking for me.
will be shipped in a box.

Item # 2
Offbrand bolero

Details on collar :
the texture of this bolero is really solf and "fluffy"
new with tag never worn, only tried on. perfect for sweet or classic.
i bought it for classic unfortunatly i never had the chance to wear it so i prefer to sell it.
US size : S-M
elbow Lenght sleeves

Item # 3 
Bodyline alice jsk black x pink
(not available anymore on the website in that color)

Size medium 
bought from another person on egl she only wore it like 1-2 times and after i tried it on i decided that sweet really wasnt for me.
so its in really good condition. 

Item # 4
Pink offbrand blouse

also bought from another person on egl
only tried on sweet dont fit me at all. come with a little bow

Item # 5
Betsey ville shoes

size us 8 1/2 heel 5 inches
they are too small for me only tried on in overall great condition there is only a small scratch on one of the shoes where you put your talon so its not noticable.

Item # 6
offbrand black blouse

size small
(for really small arms)
you can see trough the sleeves
new with tag only tried on to small for my arms


Tags: !ds, !dt, alice and the pirates, bodyline, handmade, offbrand
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