Katie, like whoa (fireflytrance) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Katie, like whoa

DS: Angelic Pretty Sugary Carnival Skirt Set - $350

I really love the Sugary Carnival print and wanted the JSK or OP but was only able to get the skirt. Sadly the skirt is too small for me. I thought I could alter it but the way the waste band is I don't think it will be possible so I am putting it up for sale. I want to sell the skirt and socks together to the same buyer and I am not willing to split them.

http://www.sugaryberry.etsy.com/ (300+ all positive feedback on my Etsy)

Angelic Pretty Sugary Carnival Skirt + Socks in Pink. New with tags - $350 shipped to the USA (OBO)
International shipping will be extra. Please ask me for a quote as price varies by Country.

Please note there is a tiny black stain on the lace of the skirt, it was like this when I got it. It may wash out but I haven't tried.

Socks and in the pink colorway.

Please message me or post below with any questions. Thank you!

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty
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