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DS: MILKxUniqlo BERRIES PRINT!!1 Two colorways, multiple sizes!

A couple of things first
Shipping is no longer included in the prices. I can, however, do my best to offer you the lowest shipping prices possible, with multiple options. I can also add tracking and insurance upon request. International shipping is a-okay!
• Local buyers in the five boros are also welcome to arrange for in-person pickup/exchange.
• I accept regular and CC paypal. To echo the previous statement, buyers in the five boros can also arrange to pay cash or check in person. In the case of checks, the item does not ship until the payment clears. Rather than e-checks, it is faster if the buyer transfers money to their paypal account.
• My feedback page is here! Please don't forget to leave feedback, guys. ♥
• I have nosy cats in my home. I have, to my knowledge, kept them 100% away from everything I intend to sell, but if you get a couple gratis cat hairs, here's my apology up front.

If you are interested in purchasing an item, please leave your paypal and location (zip code if in the US, for accurate shipping) in your comment for invoicing! I will screen it. Priority goes to the person who leaves this info first!

More MILK shirts!! I know, I was shocked too. I asked an employee about it, but she just shrugged and said that sometimes they just find these things in the back room, and just put them out (which is how I got my Franche Lippée bunnies shirt, finally).
$19.90 each. All are NWT!
Sizing tips
S: Tag lists bust 33"-35", recommend up to 40" bust comfortably
M: Tag lists bust 35"-37", recommend up to 42" bust comfortably
L: Tag lists bust 37"-40", recommend up to 45" bust comfortably

Back detail/print closeup
MILK x Uniqlo black berries top, sizes S, S, M, M, M, M L, L.
(I was going to keep the second L for myself, but it seems to be in demand and the M fits me just as comfortably. NWT ofc)

Back detail/print closeup
MILK x Uniqlo cream berries top, sizes S and S.

And please don't forget to check out my older posts here for Sweet Illustrations, AP and BtSSB; and here for much bows! Thanks for looking!
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