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DS! Now left Infanta bolero, only 40USD shipped worldwide!

  • Please pay by Paypal. Singaporean buyers can pay by DBS bank transfer!
  • All prices include shipping (tracked), but Paypal surcharges still apply. For US buyers, it’s an additional 3% + 30cents rounded up to the nearest dollar.
  • Priority goes to the first person to leave their Paypal address (or to local buyers). Please pay within three days of receiving the invoice.
  • All measurements listed below are garment measurements.
  • Unless otherwise stated, everything is in perfect condition. I am the original owner.
  • I have positive feedback here

All the items here except the Infanta JSK and headband set are new without tags.

Item 1: Dreamy Dollhouse Replica skirt from DOL  sold!

The Dreamy Dollhouse Replica skirt from Dream of Lolita. I had them custom the length to my measurements, so the skirt is actually of standard lolita length. The soft shirring makes the skirt comfortable for a wide range of sizes, and the material can be handwashed with zero trouble.

The dress comes with a detachable bow that isn't in the proof picture, but will be included in the set.

Max waist: 84cm (min. 66cm)
Length: 52cm from top of waistband (54cm including lace)

USD40 (including international shipping)

Item 2: Infanta Striped Sailor Bolero

A cheery striped bolero to complete any outfit. There is ribbon embroidery on the back of the sailor collar and the lapel ties are sewn with musical symbols.

Infanta size XL.

Shoulders: 41cm
Sleeve length: 21cm
Sleeve circumference: 27cm
Bust: 94cm (can go bigger according to how it is tied)
Length: 35cm

USD40 (including international shipping)

Item 3: Infanta Spring Dolly blouse  sold!

This blouse is made of a white, faintly prinstriped fabric, with a peter pan collar and shirred sleeve mouths. The waist measurements are adjustable due to ribbon corseting at the back of the blouse. Pulling in the ribbons can tailor the blouse beautifully to the line of your body.

(Note: the colour is so strange because the pictures were taken in rosy morning light. Please be assured that the blouse is pure white.)

Infanta Size XL

Bust: 94cm
Waist: 84cm max
Shoulders: 40cm
Length: 57 cm (59 including lace)

USD45 (including international shipping)

Item 4: Infanta Simply JSK and headband set   sold!
(Note: there is no discolouration on the dress, only poor lighting.)

A beautiful dress in powdery green, perfect for spring. The material is a durable cotton weave with dark green piping on the edges. The bust and waist measurements are adjustable thanks to ribbon corseting at the back. (The stock photograph is probably more true to colour.)

The headband isn't exactly the same colour as the blouse – I suspect that it was kept exposed to rather too much sunlight. It's a darker, more arid green. Still, it's hard to tell the difference when the set is worn together. One of the ceramic flowers had also fallen off, but I twined a pink rose in its place, and I actually like the effect better. Of course, all these things have been taken into account when pricing the dress.

Infanta size XL.

Bust: 96cm
Waist: 80cm
Length: 90cm (92cm including lace)

USD80 (including international shipping)

Item 5: Black Summer dress  sold!

An excellent black cotton dress that I never got the chance to wear (I shrank too much, and it took me a long time to admit that I couldn't fill it out properly any more). The waist ties are undetachable, but the waist bows are. Although the dress is not shirred, the front ribbon adjustments make the dress a good fit for a range of sizes.

(Forgot to iron it before I took the photos, sigh. But it really looks much nicer in real life.)

Bust: (92 – 100cm)
Waist: (62 – 78cm)
Length: 95cm

USD50 (including international shipping)

Please don't hesitate to make your offers!
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