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ATTN seller: kawaiifrenzy

Does anyone know her (Mixi?)? I've been trying to contact her for 4+ months now........
I tried to make my story short, and for the people that does want to know what this is all about:
I bought a  "grab bag " from her ages ago. Just a bag with jewelry goodies with a theme I'd like her to make it for me.
I paid on 30/31 December 2010, then after I was waiting just for my package.
After 2-3 weeks I still haven't received anything, so I mailed her and asked where It could be, blabla how long the shipping normally takes.
She told me she let it shipped out by someone else she hired to do  that job for her, and I guess that person might have stolen it or whatever.
That could happen I guess, so I wasn't angry orso, the communication was good to began with. She told me she was going to resend it me again.
So she mailed she "did".
Then I had to wait another 2 weeks. Still nothing. I was very patient to wait one week more, still nothing.
So I mailed her again, then she replied that It was very odd, blabla, and that she will just fully refund me.
I was like: OH HOW KIND <3 I very appreciated that, so I mailed her and said in case if my package does arrive, I will just sent the money back. :)
Since then, I've received no more replies from her. Even I mailed her and wanted to keep her updated that I still have hope for the grab bag to come blabla. No replies.
OK, first I started to worry that something bad got into her or something, but like nahh. She replied so fast in that last week? Why not 2-3 days later? :/
So I kept mailing, and nothing, nothing, nothing. 
How responsible. (Y)
AND THEN I realised she owns a Etsy store, so I went checking there after all these months, and saw she did updated her stuff in March.
So she does still alive.......... u_u
So anyone? Someone? Do you know her? Please tell her I'm looking for her. And this makes me very sad how this turned out. T____T;
Thank you for your time!
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