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DS: Brand and Off-brand, dresses, blouses, etc!

My feedback is here: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/718296.html +13/-0
Other feedback (BPAL): http://community.livejournal.com/bpal_feedback/207265.html +10/-0
Ebay feedback: http://myworld.ebay.com/katuthepirate +58/-0

All items are shipped from USA. I ship internationally.

If you do not request insurance, I cannot be responsible for anything that happens to your package after I send it out.

All items are from a pet-friendly, non-smoking home. Items are kept away from pets (2 cats), but be warned if your allergies are sever.

Additional pictures may be requested at any time.

Please ask any questions you may have! If you leave your paypal I will consider you a serious buyer and will hold the item for you until you ask to be invoiced or decide to pass on the item. If there is a line, the item will then go to the second person, etc.

I do not charge Paypal fees, nor will I ever ask you to send me payment as a gift.

All prices are in USD, and include domestic shipping. Please inquire for int'l rates.

Few prices are firm. Please feel free to make me an offer!

My proof for part of this will be my furisode sleeve and my crappy door. XD Pardon that I look like crap in that photo...just got all my wisdom teeth out when this was taken, and I couldn't be bothered to put on proper clothing. XD

EGA or Steampunk Corset

Bought new from a Renaissance Faire vendor (can't remember brand, sorry), have worn twice since. This is a very high-quality corset, the fabric is thick and sturdy but soft enough to wear on bare skin (if you were so inclined), there are no flaws in any of the seams, or any flaws at all.

It would look best on a US size 14-18, but it could go larger (with longer laces), and it's possible it may go smaller. It also suits slightly longer torsos (my torso is freakishly short, and while the corset fits, I think it would flatter a taller person a bit more), as it is underbust. Exact measurements can be taken on request.

I paid $210 for this, would like to get $200.

FanplusFriend Corduroy Jacket

front flash | back | back flash

This is quite cute when worn over a dress. The bottom has plenty of room for a skirt and petti, and the sleeves are drawstring. The print is tiny roses on black. The lace is good, as well, and the ribbons that tie the waist are sturdy and good-quality. However, this is not comfortable enough to wear over bare skin as it's quite starched. It may be different after washing, but I've never tried. Tailored to my measurements, true to size. Can go slightly larger and much smaller and still look good.
Bust: 110cm (44")
Waist: 94cm (37")


Baby the Stars Shine Bright Lucky Pack Bolero

front flash | back

I got this in my Valentine's Day Luckypack from Baby, and while I lovelovelove it, it would probably go best to someone with a smaller bust as it's a bit small on me. Would recommend for girls USA size 16 or smaller (although size 18 with a smaller bust than 44" could probably fit too :P).


Baby the Stars Shine Bright Lucky Pack Blouse


Brand new from my v-day LP, never even tried on (or unbuttoned for that matter). Only removed from plastic to photograph. As you can see, it needs ironing, but that's how I got it. I have not measured this blouse, but my estimate is that it is typical of Baby sizing, and looks to fit about a 30" maximum bust. Please ask for specific measurements if needed. No shirring.


BtSSB LuckyPack Accessories

White scrunchie from the V-day luckypack. Has never been removed from the plastic.


Handmade (not by me) Apron

additional (with flash)

I bought this from the creator off of the comm_sales a while back. It's incredibly well-sewn, but while the waist is ample enough to fit me, the front portion is too thin on my bust. I would recommend this for a bust 30" or smaller. I also don't recommend this for taller lolis.

One last note - when I unpacked this, I found that my cats had knocked it to the bottom of my closet and had been sleeping on it. I lint-rolled the heck out of it, but it will likely still have some hairs on it until it's washed. If you are allergic to cats, PLEASE be aware of this, and do NOT wear it without washing first.


BtSSB Lovely Sweet Room Set - SOLD
print close-up
more close-up
back shot
back closeup

I bought this set with a misguided hope it might fit my bust. It doesn't, so I've never even tried it on. I thought about altering it, but I eventually decided against it. This is the brown colourway, which is honestly more of an aubergine colour than a true brown. There are no flaws whatsoever that I was able to find, the dress is in excellent condition.

This is the OP and the bonnet as well. I do not currently have photos of the bonnet, but I can take some if requested, just ask!

The waist could fit up to 35", that is probably the max bust size as well. I can take proper measurements if requested.


Off-brand Old School OP

back shot

I bought this OP off of the comm_sales a while back, and while it fits me like a glove, it's just not really my style. the lace on the collar is raschel but it's not scratchy or shiny.

Max Bust: 44"
Max Waist: 37"
Can go smaller due to lacing.


Metamorphose White Blouse

with flash
closeup of collar

I snatched up this Meta blouse used, only to find that it is about an inch or so too small for me. :( As such, I've only tried it on once. The lace has lovely rose patterns and is absolutely baby-soft. I love Meta's lace. <3

In the interest of full disclosure, when I tried it on, I noticed that there is a bit of a faint...organic odour, lol. I haven't washed it or aired it out properly, so I suggest you look into it before wearing it out. I'm also happy to Febreeze it before I send it out, if you'd like. ^_^

Max Bust: 42"
Max Waist: 37"
Could go a bit smaller due to shirring and waist ties. I DON'T recommend going larger.
Cuffs: 6" almost exactly while buttoned.


Megan Maude Sailor Print Skirt

print detail

This skirt is so cute, I was pretty in love with the fact that it has pockets, and comes with its own bow. Sadly, it's too small for me. I'm selling it for the amount I paid for it, because I've never worn it.

Min Waist: 28"
Max Waist: 36"


Bodyline Orange Pirate Skirt

with flash
stain detail
stain detail (other side)

I've worn the skirt once, but never the corset (too small). However, the corset has had something spilled on it. It could likely be washed off, but I haven't tried. I've marked it down to reflect the damage.

Stock photos + measurements.


Meta Cherry OP

without flash
bodice detail
print detail
back detail

This OP is absolutely gorgeous, fully lined and really really soft...but, sadly, fits everywhere but my bust. No flaws that I can see. It's pictured without the laces in the back, but it will come with them.

Bust: Not sure, probably about 40" or less.
Waist: Up to 36"


Black sausage-curls wig

Not as shiny as it looks in the photos (that's the bad lighting). I don't know what material it's made of - it was bought off of ebay a year or so ago. It is medium-quality and could do with some wig-dusting. Has some stray hairs. Probably cannot be styled.

Paid $30, would like $20.

Handmade ear muffs

additional | amateur sewing inside</b> | flaw | inside

These are a pair of earmuffs I altered by sewing on some cut-up slippers :3. They were never intended for sale, as I only made them for myself, but I never wear them anymore. You can see from the other photographs that they're hardly the pinnacle of craftsmanship, however, none of the flaws are visible when worn (and usually not visible when stored, depending). They are off-white with white lace and pink bows.

I would like $15 for these, but make me an offer!

FanplusFriend 3-Ring Set


A set of three rings - all gold. One with tiny fake pearls, one with a jeweled bow, and the third is a plain band with writing on it ("Dior" something). These are waaay too small for my fat fingers and are not adjustable. Never worn (obviously). They're approximately size 6 or 6.5.


Upcycled charm bracelet


Will fit wrists 6"-6.5" in diameter. The pendant has a crown on it, but one of the jewels came off. I replaced it with a tiny copper-coloured bow and added the gold cross. It's a much warmer gold colour than shown. Charm measures about 1".


Off-brand Bow pins


Cute droopy bow pins. Bought from Sally Beauty, never worn.


Thrifted Candy Pins




Two sets of two pins each, one pink and one purple. I was so excited to find these at a thrift store...but I have nothing to wear them with.

$3 each.

Hot Topic Classic Wrist Cuffs


These cuffs are so cute! They're about 2" "tall" not including ruffles, and will fit comfortably up to 6" circumference wrists. These are in used condition and have had the cat hairs on them since removed.


Offbrand Black and White Deco Clips


The charms on these are thick, raised plastic. These are really cute but I just don't wear them anymore.

$6 for all four.

Random Hair Stuff Lot


Set includes: 2 Hello Kitty Dangle Clips in Sax blue (one has some ribbon coming loose), 3 plastic cupcake octopus clips, and 2 cupcake-pattern ribbon bow clips.

Take the whole lot for $6.

Offbrand Cupcake earrings


Worn a few times, since sterilized. Do not come with rubber earring backs.


Ace of Clubs/Reaper Pin


This pin measures about 1/2", and is white paint on a gold/brass-coloured metal. Very aatp.


Sushi Earrings

Cute California roll earrings! Bought as a set, never worn!


Elegant Faux Pearl Bracelet


Free-sized bracelet with plastic crystals and faux pearls. I say free-sized but really shouldn't be worn by anyone with wrists smaller than mine (6") or it'll fall right off.


Thank you for looking!
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