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DS: 2 wigs and a set of lolita nails. WTB: gothic nails, classic accessories, etc

 Terms of Service/stuff you need to know
  1. No refunds, exchanges, or returns. I'll try to make pictures and descriptions as accurate as possible, so that returns/refunds/exchanges won't be necessary.
  2. I ship from Illinois. Those in the Chicagoland area are free to pick up items at an agreed destination to save on shipping.
  3. I accept paypal online (Elenoa@gmail.com), or cash/checks in person.
  4. I check my LJ frequently, but if it's urgent, feel free to email me at Elenoa@gmail.com
  5. Buyers pay for shipping and item price only, and all items are shipped with FREE tracking! That's right, no PP fees! However, prices do not include shipping unless stated otherwise.
  6. Terms may change at any time.
  7. International buyers are welcomed! But please do consider the shipping/insurance fees.
  8. Items go to whoever can pay first, or leave PP first.
  9. Here's my eglfeedback page. I've also got feedback on ebay as TerminalHeavensR.
  10. Please provide feedback if you're interested in buying something from me!
  11. Shipping is only in the USA. For international, please ask.

Lolita nails $20 shipped in the USA
Condition: bought 2nd hand on the comm, never worn out. I'm willing to trade these for gothic nails!

Gabalnara wig-$40 shipped in the USA
Length: about 27 inches from top of the wig to the very end of the longest strand of hair
Condition: Worn out once or twice, in good condition. I bought this over a year ago, so I don't think Gabalnara has its original stock photos of this wig anymore. However, I think this wig looks the most similar to mine worn. It's Prima-H quality if I remember right. I can't remember if it's heat resistant or not, but I've never tried heating it. It's really nice and soft and strong fiber. I've shampooed and conditioned it before, but the ends are a bit more frizzy than I'd like to admit :P Here's an old pic of myself wearing it.

Offbrand blond wig: $12 shipped in the USA
Length: about 22in from top of the wig to the longest strand of hair
Condition: Bought on the comm, never worn out. It's not very good quality fiber, but it's a rather full wig. I cut the bangs a little too short. The braids are just there for the heck of it, you can take them out. I've shampooed and conditioned this item as well. Comes with a free comb.

Check out my older sales here and here!

WTB: I'm looking for gothic/classic accessories such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. I'm specifically looking for things in red, black, and white. I'm also looking for GOTHIC FAKE NAILS. I LOVE flowers, antiques, pearls, etc. I'm not spending more than $10 each item shipped, so please keep that in mind. Thanks!
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