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DS/DT: brand and super-cheap offbrand


  • I am not responsible for a package once it has left my hands.

  • Due to massive issues with the USPS I've had this year, I will ship overseas only with UPS and with tracking.

  • Shipping is not included in prices; add $7 for within the U.S. and please inquire for outside of U.S.

  • First to leave Paypal get the item, except for the item up for trade.

  • Insurance is purchased extra on part of the buyer

  • I ship within 1~5 days of receiving payment. Please allow for time.

  • I accept only Paypal

Feedback here: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/227910.html

Item 1: SOLD, Thank you!

Item 2: Offbrand purse/clutch

Dimensions: 21cm x 5.5xm x 7 cm

Notes: Thought it was a nice small clutch that went well with aristo/gothic coords. Too small for my tastes though. Can't fit much more than a medium-sized phone plus some other items. Good for formal events where one doesn't bring too many items.

Price: pay for shipping of $7 within the U.S or $10 out of the country and its yours.

Item 3: h.Jelly Shirt


Bust: 86cm width all around
Waist: adjustable with tie

Notes: New with tags. Bought for a punk coord but I really don't look good in light pink. Very lovely shirt with glittery butterflies on it.

Price: $30

Item 4: SOLD, Thank you!

Item 5: BtSSB Cinderella OP DT preferred/DS
Stock photo:
My photo (lighting is bad):

Bust: 90cm max., adjustable with lacing
High waist/Underbust: 70cm max.

Notes: This was my dream dress when it came out 2005. I finally got it only to realize I have a huge ribcage. I held on to it, lost weight down to my ribs, but they're still in the way. It's too complicated to get modified without paying a hefty price, so I have decided to let it go. I think I am the second owner of this dress. It is very beautiful, made of shantung and covered with oodles of gorgeous rose lace. Some of the lace has flipped over but light steaming should fix this.

Trade/Partial trade: I have never traded before so please bear with my inexperience. I am looking for non-sweet OPs or JSKs from any brand; show me anything you got and want to trade. I like gothic, classic, punk, old-school. Items should fit a 88cm bust, 73 cm waist (I might inquire about underbust measurements).

Price: $200 + shipping to be calculated. This dress is heavy.

Thank you for your time!
Tags: !ds, !dt, h.naoto, offbrand
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