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DS: All sold, thank you!

1. I ship by priority only and shipping is not included in the price. Please let me know where you are living and I will give you a shipping quote. I ship overseas as well! Please let me check for shipping. Sometimes prices at my mail office are higher than shown online, so please bear this in mind!
2. I am not responsible for lost packages if you do not want tracking. I can get tracking quotes for you if you would like.
3. I will mark items as gift and mark down the price, but I can only insure the package for the marked down price, so keep this in mind.
4. Holds and trades are accepted. I will do a hold for a week at 20% down and longer if there is about 50% down. Ask me about payment plans. I have the right to refuse if you have little or no feedback.
5.Paypal fees are your responsibility, but you can send the payment as a gift to avoid fees.
6. My measurements are 38" bust, 29"-31" inch waist, so please keep this in mind when trading!

1. DoL~ Fantas(t)ic Dolly Replica XL+ Head bow- $45

In perfect condition, headbow has been put on a different headband because the original was cheap plastic.
Will need a little ironing. Cheaper than you can get from Dream of Lolita or Quiteland!

2. Angelic Pretty Cherry/ Strawberry bolero- $50

An older piece by AP, has slight pilling at the ends (you can see a little here) but otherwise nice and beautiful when worn!
Will fit up to 100 cm bust, any higher may look weird on the bust. Looks great at 98cm or lower!

3. Black Bodyline Blouse + detatchable sleeves- $20

A nice, true black blouse, my DSi camera faded out the quality of the photo.
Has full shirring and best suited to a bust of 98cm. It didn't gape at these measurements for me.

Any questions you have let me know, and I will always take more pictures if needed!

My feedback page, all positive:
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