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DS! Angelic Pretty, Kids Yoyo Dresses (sold thank you!)

Hello, I'm just trying to clean a few un-needed, and unused things out of my closet. Please make offers if you're interested, I'd rather not re-post. BAH! Prices can be negotiated, and I will consider trades. I'm really hoping to sell mostly, but I will look at and consider trades.

I'm located in Minneapolis, MN, USA.
I have smoke free apartment, However I do have a pet bunny. Bunny is never near my wardrobe, but please understand.
Shipping is not included, please ask for an estimate.
Again though feel free to offer.

Now on to the sales!

First Up is a Kids YOYO pink x blue JSK.
Price: $135 + Shipping

Stock Photo:

Mine Photos of Front and Back:


This JSK is in good condition. I am the second owner and have only worn it twice. The large front bow is detachable and can be pinned on.

The only flaw is I know One of the pom-poms on the trim along the bottom is missing. I can't find where the missing pom-pom spot, but if you would like I can supply photos of it. I have also reinforced the three front bows.

Beyond that, the dress is in good condition, the bust would best fit someone with a 35 inch bust and up.
I have a 36 inch bust and while i know you can take the shirring in some, I don't think you could take the shirring in much more that 2 inches or so without it looking odd.
The dress is soft velveteen and is heavier than normal cotton fabrics.

Please let me know if you would like addition measurements or photos!

Next is a 2010 Full Shiring Angelic Pretty OP.


I think this is a lucky pack printed OP, but I am not entirely sure. This dress also comes with a removable front bow. This dress is also in good condition. I am the second owner, and have worn it once out.
The bust and waist measurements can go from rather small, to rather large because of the full shirring style.

Let me know if you would like any additional measurements or photos as well.

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