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DS/DT: 2 Victorian Maiden OPs and a BtSSB blouse

Hello everyone!
First off, a few things about my sales:
My feedback is here:
Price is in USD, and shipping is included in the US.  I will ship internationally, but I will have to charge you extra for the difference in shipping costs.  Please ask if you're interested :)
I can take two separate payments within ten days of each other if you don't want to pay the total price at once.
I might be interested in trading either OP for another classic lolita brand dress (just for reference, my bust is 33").  I will give priority to sales rather than trades, however.

Victorian Maiden plaid OP

$200 $160 shipped in the US

proof photo:

worn (since it just doesn't look the same when it's on the hanger, and I can't find a stock photo):

bust: 34.5"
waist: 28"
sleeve length: 26" (with lace)
total length: 40"

Bought new, worn twice.  I just got some classical pieces that I like a lot more.  There's no shirring, but it comes with a ribbon and has belt loops for the waist (I used a different belt though, to hide the fact that the waist of the dress was higher than my actual waist ^^; )

Victorian Maiden Charlotte OP - 2001 (loli vintage!)
shipped in the US OBO HOLD

proof photo:

stock photo:

bust: 32"-39"
waist: 26"-28"
total length: 36"-38" (shirred around the neckline)
The bodice is adjustable smaller with the lacing in front and the waist ties at the back.

I'm not sure how much to sell this for, so please make offers if the price is too high.  It's a rare dress in a rare colorway, fully lined, and still in good condition aside from some small "scratches" in the velvet not visible at a distance.  I'm selling it because it's too short on me and not flattering, as beautiful as it is.  For reference, I'm 5'8" and have a somewhat long torso ^^

Baby the Stars Shine Bright blouse
$80 shipped in the US

bust: 32"-42"
waist: 25"-40"
total length: 21"
sleeve circumference: 8"-16"

I bought this blouse new at the Baby store and have only worn it twice.  I'd actually recommend it for someone with a large bust size than the minimum, as there is some extra baggy fabric when I wear it.  It may gap at the larger measurements I've listed though.
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