Sara Bear (straw_bunny) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Sara Bear

DS: BtSSB Paris bunny bear and rare milk heart bag!

Hi everyone! Today I am selling a milk bag and a bunny bear! Items are in used condition and damages are noted. I accept paypal or MO in certain circumstances. First with ability to pay and leave paypal address gets the item! All prices include shipping within the USA. Thanks for looking!!!!

Here is my feedback:

Milk Heart Bag-SOLD!
This is a used bag. There is minor chipping on the zipper and creases in the faux leather fabric shown in the picture above.


Baby the Stars Shine Bright-sold
White Paris edition Bunny Bear (largest size)
He is used. I bought him used and he came with a rust spot on the harness loop, seen left. His straps have minor pulling. He is in other wise good condition. He is just as soft as my new bunny bear bag. He has been hand washed once because when I received him he was dirty.

Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, milk
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