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DS/DT: (all gone, thank you) Alice and The Pirates JSK, Offbrand skirt, Bracelet.

Terms for sale:
-I only accept paypal
-shipping within the US is included but international buyers need to ask the shipping cost (it might be expensive sorry!)
-First to leave paypal gets the item
-I will consider offers
-you will have 24 hours to pay for the item using paypal once I invoice you
- Feedback (i have none as a seller yet)

~I am interested in trades for the AATP JSK. I am interested in looking pretty much any brand OP or JSK that is not purple (or any variety of purple). I tend to prefer black or white dresses (printed or otherwise) but please show me any brand JSK or OP that you are willing to trade.  

Alice and the Pirates Circus print JSK in pink:
I bought this from the original buyer and they had worn it a few times, I wore this JSK once and it is in good condition (despite some minor damages) I do have the waist ties and removable bows also I am including some small ribbons that match the color of the dress (could be useful for hair do’s or something).
stock photo:

$160 shipped within the US.
Trade in progress

Hello lace page


Slight fabric pull
Some broken thread near the zipper (very easily fixed)

The person I purchased this from did not include the bow at the bottom of the skirt but they attached some flowers that look very nice (and pretty similar to the flowers on the bow, I will include them (you can take them off if you really don’t want them because they are on a pin) here is a picture

Offbrand Pink skirt:
I got this as a present but it is too big for me, it is a US size 8.
my cousin tried it on and it looks great with a petticoat underneath.
$12 shipped within the US

Other side

NWOT Betsey Johnson butterfly bracelet:
I also got this as a gift but I really don’t like the color purple so I’m going to sell it
$20 shipped within the US  

Close up left
Close up right
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