laura_rose16 (laura_rose16) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!WTB! Gothic Lolita Dress, anything for my sister!

Hello! I'm trying to find a dress for my sister, she likes the gothic Lolita sort.
Here is my feedback page:

I live in the UK

Okay, so my sister isn't a Lolita in the strictest term, infact shes not a lolita at all, 
but she loves all my dresses and wants one of her own.

She wants a gothic dress, prefferably an OP. <br />She doesnt want to pay too much, 
because she is buying a new car, nothing over $100 please. She doesnt want brand, replicas are fine. 
her size is small, shes teeny, but tall.

She Likes this one but anything is fine...

Show me What you have and i'll show my sister,
Thanks in Advance xx
Tags: !wtb
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