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DS: Bodyline, CosplayUSA wig

The boring stuff:
I am located in Ontario Canada. I have 2 dogs and a cat; they're not allowed in the room my lolita stuff is stored but be wary if you're allergic, etc. I accept payment via Paypal. First to leave paypal address has dibbs, replies are expected within 2 days. If insurance is not purchased the results are up to Canada Post (though I have not had a lost or damaged item yet). Prices do NOT include shipping and are in US dollars. Feedback can be found HERE:

worn photo:
CosplayWigsUSA (aka Gothic-Lolita Wigs) Choco-mint split lolita wig with removable falls. Gorgeous quality heat-resist wig with large curls. Left side is frosty mint, right side is rich chocolate. (falls can be clipped either side, one of each color). Not currently available on their website.
I tried the wig on and decided it really didn't suit me.

Bodyline cherry-print jsk L045 in YELLOW
Standard Bodyline size M with partial back shirring. Non-removable waist ties, removable bow and back lacing. Side zip. Brand new and unworn; it was the wrong shade of yellow for me.

Bodyline hime-style skirt in BLUE
Standard Bodyline size, NO shirring. Waist approx 26 inches, approx 21 1/2 inches long. Brand new with tags; hime style isn't for me.
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