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DS: BPN Blouse, Casual Skirt & Headpiece >20% Reduction

 A few quick things:

Paypal only please, paypal fees not included. You can send me the money as a 'gift' and so evade the 4.4% fee.

Shipping First Class is included within the UK. If you want it shipped internationally or recorded, please ask.

I have a feedback page( ), but haven't got much feedback yet, so please check out my ebay as well for positive feedback!

Black Peace Now Blouse -35.00£ 28.00£  22.00£

I bought this blouse on the sales comm for 45£ , however it does not suit me very well.
Max bust measurement:36 inches
Max. Waist: 32 inches.

The blouse is in a good condition, however there are a few flaws. Please note, the blouse is the same colour all over, it's just shadows from my wardrobe. It is more of an off white colour.

There is a small stain next to the button that you cannot see once the blouse is closed, as well as some yellowing on the frills and around the arm pits. I have handwashed it, so maybe dry cleaning might improve it even more.

Offbrand Casual Skirt - 12.00 £ 9.50 £  6.00£

Max Waist: 28.5 inches
Length: 22 inches

I used to wear it in casual coordinates, however it's a little too big for me. Has black and white waist ties. There are no flaws or stains.

Offbrand Headpiece by -  4 £  3.00£
Please feel free to ask any questions!
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