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DT, or DS: Metamorphose Blooming Garden, in Cream/Sapphire

+ I N F O +

My egl feedback page is here.

I am shipping via USPS from Hawaii, USA. I'm not responsible for items once I mail them off. I save shipping receipts as proof of shipment.

No refunds or returns.

Please comment with your:

Hi guys!

I traded for this gorgeous Jsk with a dear friend. It's beautiful and detailed, but it's not quite 'me' when I try it on, so...

It is brand new without tags, Pristine condition, ★★★★★. The previous owner never wore it out and neither did I.



+ Partial shirring in the back, with beautiful blue ribbon corseting (my favorite point).

+ Front of the bodice has pin tucks, blue rose buttons, removable pin ribbon with soft embroidered lace (rose embroidery). "Flutter" sleeves on the jsk straps also have embroidered lace. 2 removable pin-back bows on the straps, made from same fabric as the dress.

+ Invisible side zipper.

+ Fully lined.

+ Removable waist ties with two buttons.

+ Adjustable straps with buttons.

+ Print: Background is cream with pale gold, thin stripes. Print features an outdoor garden like Secret garden, with fountains overflowing with "honey", and an elegant manor in the 'distance'. Large bouquets of blue roses throughout. "Falling" print of blue rose blooms, tied ribbons, and the brand name in cursive font, "Metamorphose".

Sizing: Bust up to 36-38" for comfort. Can go much smaller with corseting and waist ties. Total length about 34"; straps adjustable. Great for taller lolitas, or for a more mature hime vibe.

Hello Lace Details/Data

What I'd like to trade for:

+ General: Lavender, Jewel Tones, B/w, Alice and the Pirates

+ Specific Print Wants/Examples:

* Um, I am going to get a blue butterfly tattoo on my hand soon... so if anyone would be interested in even partial trading my Jsk for Midsummer Night's Dream, that would be a wish come true! ;___;

Vs. Direct Sale

I traded MMM's Holy Queen in black, used, for this beauty. It was a bit of a value difference, but I value this Jsk at around $275 new from auction or Meta. I would DS this for $250 shipped and tracked in the USA, if payment is sent as "gift". International may inquire for shipping, it should be $12-15 extra for Airmail.

That was probably more text than you ever wanted to see, but I hope it answered any questions!

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing your offers!
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