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DS - [20% off] Infanta Prince Prophecy Coat & R-Series Antique Lace Bolero

General information
My feedback is located here :
I only accept Paypal I'm afraid, both CC and personal.
I absorb Paypal fees, so I would really appreciate personal payments, but I understand if you'd like to be invoiced.
I'd rather not do any holds as this is an urgent sale to raise funds for my dream dress.

Infanta Prince Prophecy Coat
$90 $72
Shipped within Europe $85
Shipped worldwide $96

Let me tell you : this coat is absolutely gorgeous. I even think it looks better than Atelier Boz and AatP coats. *3* I am really really reluctant to let it go, but I need money for my dream dress and I will re-purchase it in the future. The quality is amazing considering its price. The coat features a built-in jacquard vest and rose buttons. It's lined with a silky smooth fabric and the coat is quite heavy. The material, a soft wool blend, is relatively warm. I'd say it's suitable for chilly autumns and warm winters. Here's the Qutieland page for stock pictures and more specs : My coat is a size M, so please refer to the measurements listed. I have found them quite accurate. This coat is full enough for poofy pettis, but it'll also work for dandy/kodona/boystyle as the coat will billow nicely. One note : my coat includes the jabot and golden chain so you can dress it up or down.

Additional photos : 
Rose button close-up :
Jabot :

R-series Antique Lace Bolero
$30  $24
Shipped within Europe $35
Shipped worldwide $44

This bolero is made of black soft lace and features short sleeves. It comes with a detachable ribbon rhinestone brooch which you can pin on, but it actually closes with a hook and eye closure. Here's the Qutieland page for the bolero with clearer stock pictures and worn snaps :

Additional photos :
Brooch close-up :

Discount if you buy both
Shipped within Europe - $109
Shipped worldwide - $120

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