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DS/DT : AP,Bodyline,offbrand, Indien Boutique

Read first :
I ship from Belgium
Shipping is not included cause I had problems (I lost money cause shipping were more expensive than expected)
I accept Paypal or EU bank transfer
I give priority to the first who leaves their paypal

Here's my feedback :

1) AP dotted skirt ~ I bought it on yahoo auction japan but I'm the first who wore it (it was written in the description). I'll consider trading if you propose me some interesting stuff :P (only AP)
I wore it 2 times and it's like new !
I ask 85€ + shipping

worn picture :

2) Bodyline cherry sax OP  ~ I'm the first owner
Worn a few times but still in very good condition :)
I ask 30€ + Shipping

Worn picture :

3) Indien Boutique (name of the store) "Gothic Lolita Coat" ~ I bought it 130€ shipped a few years ago but I didn't wear it more than 4-5 times I think. It's a bit small I ordered it size M but received it size S ^^' I can wear a sweater under it then it's not so tight ^^ It's like new ! I ask 80€ + shipping ah and sorry, only worn picture but ask if you want detailed pics :)

4) A few offbrand OTK socks !
From left to right : 2€ used - 5€ a bit used - 4€ used - 5€ never worn I can't sell those ones sorry ! - 4€ a bit used sold thank you !
+ shipping

5) Ebay pink wig ~ I wore it two times and it's in very good condition
and sorry, only worn picture.
I ask 15€ + shipping ON HOLD

other pic :

Thanks for looking :P
Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, bodyline, offbrand
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