o0_eva_0o (o0_eva_0o) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!WTB Brand or Off-brand musical print dresses or skirts

Read this before posting:
1. I only WTB, not trade.
2. This is my egl feedback page, but I haven't any feedback yet at EGL SALES, only at Ebay.
3. I can pay by paypal.
4. I'm interested to see pics of your items and know the measures of the clothes.
5. I live in Spain; please, if you can, post the shipping to Spain

I want to buy musical print dresses (OP or JSK) or skirts. No matter if it's brand or off-brand.
Pics of some examples:

Melody Doll OP in black (Angelic Pretty)

I love Black and Pink dresses (also white), but It's probably that I don't buy your dress if it's sax (may it be in mint, but NO SAX).
Tags: !wtb
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