Olivia (kyuketsukihime) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!EA : clothes and accessories for under 12€

Ebay auctions :

Bodyline floral corset skirt
Classic floral skirt (Zara)
Bow hair combs (indie brand)
Angelic Pretty pearl and charms brooch
ASOS fur peter pan collar

gothic charms brooch (Claire's)
gothic babydoll lace dress (Primark) (hits a bit over the knee)

Want to get ride of this ASAP.
Fast, insured and tracked shipping can be offered for international on demand but bear in mind it's really expensive (from 15€ to 30€ up to 1kg) and I'm not responsible for lost packages.

  • Paypal fees are included in the shipping prices.
  • I've got feedback on my journal, egl, ebay...

Tags: !ea, angelic pretty, bodyline, indie brand, offbrand
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