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Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!

DA! Rare AatP x Gloomy Bear, DS! Mew

- Prices include shipping (except DA; see below), but does not include delivery confirmation, insurance, or tracking. Please specify if you would like any of these services (additional costs applies).
- I cover the PP fee (btw, PayPal only please!)
- Item goes to the first one to leave their PP address OR states that they will take the item.
- Please pay within 48 hours, unless you specify otherwise beforehand =).
- I live in a pet free and smoke free home.
- Items have no flaws unless otherwise specified
- No trades, please!
- I am not responsible for items after they are shipped
- All positive feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/171603.html

Additional information for DA!
- Auction ends April 22nd, 3:00pm/15:00 PST.
- No PM bids allowed, sorry!
- Please only bid in increments of at least $5.
- Buyer will not be responsible for the PP fee.
- Bidding prices don't include shipping; I suspect shipping in the US will range from $6-$11, and international will range from $10-$16.
- Last comment with the highest bid before the ending time is the winner.
- The winner will be PMed immediately after the auction ends. If there's no response from the winner within 48 hours, the item will be offered to the second highest bidder.
- I prefer not to do a payment plan, but I am open to it. However, the maximum will be 2 payments within 2 weeks, and $25 non-refundable deposit (deposit goes toward overall purchase amount).

Direct Auction!

Alice and the Pirates x Gloomy Bear bag
Bid starts at: $145
Current Highest Bid: $145 by disorderedcutup

I purchased it fall 2010 for $220 at Baby SF when it was just released, and I used it several times. It's hands down my favorite bag; I cherished it and tried my best to keep it in great condition. I'm selling it now since it's been quite an expensive last few months for me.
It's meant to be a shoulder bag and has an adjustable strap. It holds a fair amount as well; I'm able to fit my wallet, iPhone, make-up + powder, keys, and other random things.
The bag is sold out on AatP's site. Here's the link for reference pics though: http://www.babyssb.co.jp/collabo/gloomy3/106P976/index.html

["Worn" pics in this D_L post]

A detachable bow is included; you can "pierce" it in either ear, but I have never done so.
[Back of bow; it's like a big earring!]

There's some minor flaws in the bag:
1) Very minimal stains in the claws; it was actually hard to get it in camera, but I have a close up picture here.
2) Minimal stains on the very top of the back ears, probably caused by rubbing against dark clothing here.
3) Small scratch under Gloomy's right eye here. I actually never saw this scratch until I was inspecting the bag heavily for this sales post =O! It's not noticeable unless view up close.


Direct Sales!

Mew Crown Ribbon velvet skirt: $55 within the US, $61 International SOLD
Waist 66-76cm/ Length 50cm
It has partial shirring in the back and comes with a waist tie. Rather than being two small waist ties, it's one long waist tie, so you can also use it as a belt. I wore the skirt once under a JSK, and I purchased it second hand via comm_sales.

[Waist tie]

Thanks for looking!
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