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DT: ETC Red Ridding Hood OP for other styles

+2 on trades
+15, -0

-Once shipped I am not responsible
-I am not at all interested in selling this as it is a dream item. I would like to trade it for a different style because I find the sleeves don't look flattering on me :/  I really have no interest in trading it for anything besides another style of the same dress (unforchunitly I couldn't find any pictures of the different styles) but you may offer me other etc dresses but most likely I will not be interested.
-If you have no feedback for trades I will require you to send your item out first and then email me a proff photo of recipt and box. I can do the same when I send out mine if you would like. I will not trade with someone with negative feedback.
-I will go for a trade within the US over internation simply because of shipping. But still feel free to offer!

It has been worn twice by me and I can't remember how many by the previous owner but its in lovely condition. Under inspection I can not find any flaws. It is made of a thin almost wool like material that would be great for Spring or Winter. The skirt has lining.
 I recommend for a smaller busted person but I can measure for your bust to see if it will fit. It does have full shirring in the back.
Image is from previous seller of my dress. The red ridding hood story wraps around the bottom of the dress.
A picture of me wearing it.
Tags: !dt, emily temple cute
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