Arya (laiferr) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Some reminders

Hi everyone! Just some reminders of various issues and amendments which have come up lately. I would encourage everyone to read this to help understand our rules, and feel free to ask any questions!
  • We no longer allow the sale of 'home-made' lucky packs. This has become an issue due to the possibility of people selling off-topic or inferior goods in these packs, not to mention it technically breaks the 'proof photo' rule. So please, show images of all items you are selling. (Brand lucky packs in their original state are still allowed, provided they have not been tampered with or altered)
  • Please list each item individually priced in your post. Sometimes, we get people linking out to sites like poupee, photo bucket, flickr etc to a 'bundle' of items with prices listed there. This conflicts with the 4 week reduction rule, since we can't keep track of off-site pricing. (You are, of course, still free to link to images on these sites, although we discourage linking to poupee as it is slow to load.)
  • You WILL get warnings for breaking rules even if your post is not approved. We will issue these warnings in the rejection notices, so make sure you have email notifications on to ensure you receive these messages. It is your responsibility to make sure you are following the rules.
Thanks everyone, happy shopping : )
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