Petra Z. (pet_chan) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Petra Z.

WTB: pink Angelic Pretty skirt

My feedback: eBay , eglfeedback (100% positive)

I am looking for skirt by Angelic Pretty, preferably in colour pink (but may consider baby blue too). Any design is ok, I prefer plain pink with no print, but I may consider prints too (especially with flowers!). The price should be $100 max, including shipping. Therefore I prefer sellers from EU, since the shipping won't be so expensive and there will be no customs fees (but I concider other sellers too). My waist is 65cm, I think I could fit in standard size AP skirts well. Length 45-60cm, I don't mind.

If you have an item to sell, please tell me the price including shipping, photo, item condition and your feedback. Then I will tell you, if it's what I am looking for!

Some examples of skirts I like:
(You don't have to sell exactly these models! I will look at any models, as long as it meets my specifications.)

Thank you very much for all of your offers!
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty
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