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DS Putumayo Coat

Hello ! ^^
I ´d like to sell my Putumayo Coat.
I accept Paypal, or bank transfer if you live in the EU.
Shipping is not insured, if you want me to ship it insured I´d have to ask at the post office how much it will cost ^^
My feedback

If you have questions, feel free to ask ^^

Putumayo black coat

Length : 92 cm / inches
Bust : 90 cm / inches
Sleeve : 62 cm / inches

The coat was worn a few times ( maybe 4 or 5 times ? )
This winter I didn´t wear it at all, so I think it´s better if I´ll sell it to someone who will do so :)
It is in very good condition ( I don´t smoke, and have no pets )
The fake fur can be removed, but I sewed it with a few stitches to the coat.
But these stitches can be removed easily.

110 Euro includung shipping to Germany
114 Euro including shipping to Europe
119 Euro / 170 USD including worldwide shipping

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