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DS/DT/WTB: 2 Baby Jsks (one reposted w/ price deductions)/Looking for Accessories and more!

~ Located in NY, New York USA
~ Paypal transactions ONLY.
~ Shipping not included in price.
~ Shipping can take up to 2 weeks. If in need of priority in shipping please notify.
~ Owner Measurements:
   Waist - 31 inches
   Bust 36.5 inches


Direct Sale:

Baby Strawberry Letter Bustle-Halter JSK in Pink PAYMENT PENDING
$100 $75

Proof Picture

This JSK was given to me in this state. The fabric and print are perfectly in tack, yet when purchased from a previous user, I was not given the detachable bow, the waist ties nor the halter straps. I assume this was a similar case for the original owner, as she didn't picture them either when I purchased the dress. I bought this dress for $120 and have only worn once.

Baby Eldorado JSK in Blue
(also for Direct Trade, see details below)

(sorry for the super derp picture)
I adore this dress but I have only worn it once since I purchased it almost a year ago and I feel that it needs to be sent out to the world for some loving. I would rather trade this for another dress, mostly I'd consider trading it for the same dress but in black OR another other small delicate Baby prints like Mary Sweet Lamb. Otherwise I'm selling it for what I paid for it. (Loli-Library info here)
Proof Picture 
Want to Buy:
I'm on the search for %6 Doki Doki's Enamel Bows, mostly one in Pink (I know Electric Alice sells them, but I wanted to see if anyone in the US was selling them as possibly to lower the shipping costs). I'm also on the lookout for any other similar bows that are clip on or two ways rather then headbows. Chocomint or off brand works as well, as long as it's cute!
Also I'm looking for a fully shirred Meta JSK. Show me what you got!
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