Mara (grayhour) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

wtb: silly long shot mary magdalene request!

- I use Paypal pretty much exclusively.
- My measurements are bust 86cm/34", waist 66cm/26", hip 86cm/34"
- I prefer dresses longer than 95cm/37"
- My feedback is here.

This never works out for me, but I figure, why not ask? XD Show me all your pink and blue/green MM dresses/stuff. Just show me it! I have a definite need to buy some new pastels. :) This is the kind of thing I like, and if you show me any of these dresses we will seriously talk.

My budget is around $250, but that's negotiable if you have one of my dream dresses shown here within some reason. (Particularly Marie Antoinette or Petit Bouquet!)

I'm not really looking for anything other than Mary Magdalene at this time, so please don't show me offbrand or replicas. I am mostly looking for a new jsk or op, but show me ANYTHING.



Thanks very much everyone :)

Tags: !wtb, mary magdalene
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