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DS: Super cheap stuff~

 Hi :))

So I really really need money, and I don't have any place for these stuff! Please buy them!!


Some important stuff...

- Only Paypal accepted. You aren't ought to pay the fee.

- Shipping is from Czech Republic, EU.

- Prices EXCLUDE shipping!

- No holds! Sorry, I need money as soon as possible.

- I ACCEPT OFFER FOR MULTIPLE PURCHASES!! really need all this stuff GONE ( and money too TT~TT ) *sobs* 

- Amateur measures (or some are simply googled)
- Not responsible for lost or damaged packages. I will of course try my best to help you.

- No refund no return. Exception could be possible made after discussion.

- Quickest payer gets the item. 

- Shipment  will be made in the next working day after the payment if possible. If not, I will let you know.

- Ask for shipping quote. Choose EMS or priority. Ask for insurance. Tracking number is included. :) Ask for additional photo, proof, ask me whatever you want. :D

- Feedback can be found at
 A first time seller, so I would really appreciate a feedback!  Thank you!


1. AP Sweet Jam Skirt- Yellow   95 USD SOLD

- brand new w/o tag, I've purchase it straight from the English site. Never worn. 

- W- elastic- ~70cm L:~50 cm


2. Baby Angel Relief Skirt- Navy   50 USD   SOLD

- My fav. bought worn, but it's in a like new condition. Never worn too, too long for my liking. What a pity :/

W- ~max 67 cm/ L: 59cm 

I could not find any stock photo :/ Please look at my proof photos.

3. Putumayo OP- PINK/BLACK   45USD

- Bought straight from their website, worn once. Wanted to try punky-kodona :D

no stock again, please take a look at my proof

4. Putumayo Cat Score print skirt RED/WHITE 50USD

- New from their site. Worn by me. As new. I swear.
- The print is not evenly sharp. Somewhere it looks like faded/ smudged. Not my fault, really. It's not a problem, but I wanted to let you know.


5. F+F Nurse set 50 USD
- Got it for my birthday. From a person I do not like anymore, hence the price.
- Not recommended for petite ppl. For basic knee-length your height should be around 170cm. Never worn.
- More infos here:


6. Bodyline Butterfly Yukata- Upper part 35USD

- The skirt is for additional 10 bucks
- Pretty nice stuff from Bodyline. Worn once.


7. Dear Celine Cinderella skirt- 55USD SOLD

- My beloved skirt, but I got fatter. TT~TT
- Size M- W:68-71 cm/ L:47 cm
- *cries* It's super pretty, believe me.


Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, dear celine, putumayo
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