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DS/DT: Extremely Poofy White Petticoat Free Size (from Small to Plus Size!

Hello everyone :) This is my Feedback page.

I am selling this gorgeous white petticoat because I bought the same one in black as well, and I just don't really need the white one for anything.

The special thing is that I ordered it custom-made with a strong elastic and a drawstring, so it will literally fit anyone. It fits my friend at a 24" waist and me with a 33" waist, both with room up- or downwards. So I would say it fits anywhere between 23" ~ 35" waist!

I am asking €50 including regular shipping anywhere. I'm willing to consider trades or partial trades for things I'm looking for (see end of post!)

The condition is like new, it has only been worn once for a shoot.

This petticoat is A-line shape, but if you pull it up higher it also makes a perfect cupcake-shape - this has been tested on Angelic Pretty dresses and looked like this:

I have also prepared some before-and-after pictures for you with AatP's Midsummer Night's Dream JSK (which is capable of a lot of poof):

No petti:

With petti:

It is literally unkillable - you can sit in a car or on a train with it for hours, or store it stuffed in a bag (it was shipped to me in a bag) and it will just bounce back up. I have used its black counterpart like this many times and it hasn't lost any of its poof at all!

And this is it:

Trades or part-trades (with extra payment either on your or my part, depending on the items!) would be for:
- OTT sweet or pink/gold Chocomint or AP jewellery
- AP hoodie-type cutsews
- the Moi-même-Moitié Divine Cross Headbow in gold or the matching OTK socks with gold lace & ribbon
- AatP Midsummer Night's Dream black Headbow, Bonnet or matching socks in black
- possibly random H.Naoto items

I'm also looking for some things regardless of this, see here! ^^
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