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!DA BTSSB black Usakumya rucksack and Judy Bear plush

Location: California, USA
Paypal only please. Buyer pays shipping.
$5 minimum bid increase, no bids after end of auction at 6pm on April 25 will be honored. 


Sad to part with these two lovelies but I am in need of funds for moving, and since the few rentals here that will let me take my foster pitty with me require steeper pet deposits... I'm letting go of a lot of my things... Including these two.
Auction will end April 25 at 6pm. While I do have pets in the house, they have NEVER been around these two. These have always been kept in my "room" which is strictly no pets: ever. 

1. Usakumya Black Ruck Sack (back pack).
USA & CANADA shipping: $16. US shipping will be via priority mail, Canada will be via First Class.  International varies. Please understand this is a VERY large plush so international shipping may be high, please ask for shipping quote prior to bidding.
Never used, well cared for and in like new condition.  It has only ever been displayed with my plushies. Bonnet comes off to reveal bear ears and has room in torso for carrying valuables.  This Usakumya is about 20 inches tall from foot to head.
Starting Bid: $170chibinixy

2. Judy Bear
USA & CANADA shipping: $8.50 via USPS Priority with DC for USA addresses and First Class for Canadian addresses. International varies.
Adorable little pink bear, super soft. Probably my all time favorite plush. In like new condition, very well cared for, only ever been displayed with my plushes. 
Starting bid: $45
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