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DS: IW Gertrude + Dollhouse, BtSSB Alice Chess, 2 blouses, 8 socks, lots of offbrand accessories

~ Paypal only, first to leave address gets priority for large items, priority goes to whoever is willing to buy most for accessories
~ Prices for US shipping only, inquire about overseas shipping costs
if you don't live in the US, please make note that overseas shipping priority is expensive.  I use the USPS price calculator for my estimates based on weight, but I'll refund the difference if it turns out to be less.  Please let me know if you don't mind first class shipping, which is much cheaper.
~ Will take additional pictures if requested
~ Prices are negotiable but please be reasonable

~ I'm open to trades, but buyers take priority unless it's something I REALLY want.

IW Dollhouse Ivory Jsk- $270 shipped and tracked

This dress was extremely difficult and expensive for me to track down, so I'm not in a rush to sell this since it's already much cheaper than what I ended up paying and I'm not going to be very flexible with the price.

Measurements from hellolace: 75~96 cm bust, 62~76cm waist, 93cm length

Additional information and pictures

IW Gertrude Blue Short Jsk- $250 shipped and tracked

Gorgeous dress, design printed on a thick crepe/chiffon material.   Fully lined, the shoulder straps are adjustable for lengthening/shortening the bodice. 

Flaw: the Innocent World logo tag was sewn in upside down XD

Measurements from hellolace: 93cm length (skirt length: 55cm), 86~99cm bust, 65~83cm waist

BTSSB Alice Chess red skirt- $120 shipped and tracked

This came to me with quite a few stains unmentioned by the previous seller, but I managed to finally get most of them out.  All that remains are
two small black dots, to the side of the skirt and luckily aren't noticeable unless you're searching for them.  Made of a cotton sateen fabric, lined with a layer of petticoat material, double sided waist ties.

Measurements: 25~28" waist

SOLD Bodyline White short sleeve blouse- $35 shipped and tracked

Tried on but never worn, it was too big for me.  Size M (92cm bust, 82cm waist, 51cm length)  Comes with detachable neck bow not pictured.

Infanta Blouse- $30 shipped and tracked
Embroidery on collar
Embroidering on back

Size L : 90 cm bust, 80 cm waist

Note: it didn't come with the pictured bows on the front.

Damages- Glossy pearlized button paint is chipped off slightly on most buttons.  I'm including the extra button it came with so you can replace one if you like.
Picture of damaged button + extra
There is some fraying to the netting material, it's worse on the sleeves.
Fraying 1Fraying 2

**ACCESSORIES- Shipping is not included in the price on the following items.  If they're bought with any of the above items, there are no additional shipping charges.  Accessories bought in no matter what amount will have a shipping flat rate of $6 (small priority flat rate box + tracking)** 

Secret Shop Socks- $5 each + shipping

1- bow socks SOLD
2- wreath socks SOLD
3- green socks
4- off-white rose socks
5- black rose socks SOLD
All have been tried on/worn and have fuzzy/darkened soles.  The green pair has only been tried on.  
The second from the left has the most wear but the designs on the rest have very little pilling/fuzz.
If any questions about the condition of an individual pair, I can take more photos.

Offbrand socks

Sold Spider OTKs- $7 + shipping Worn once briefly.  They're quite thick.
Sold "Pink Cookie" face socks- $4 + shipping never worn
Sold Lace-up b&w socks- $4 + shipping worn once

Meta white lace-topped socks- $10 + shipping

Worn about 5 times and display expected signs of obvious wear.  
Darkened sole with some slight pilling/fuzzy.
There's a
small hole at one toe and the beginnings of another hole on the other sock's toe.

They have hearts in the pattern and
cute Meta logo ribbons at the top.

Metamorphose set of 2 black bow hair combs- $12 + shipping

I wore these once in my wig, but I have far too many black hair accessories that these never get used.

SOLD Red Bow Headband- $3 + shipping

Brown Polkadot headband- $3 + shipping

Black feather and rose headband- $3 + shipping

Pink Polkadot headband- $3 + shipping

Floral Headband- $3 + shipping

Set of 4 small hairbows- $2 + shipping

Sold Cheapo pearl necklace + bracelet set- $2 + shipping

Black beaded necklace + earrings set- $3 + shipping

Large Birdcage Necklace- $8 + shipping

SOLD Disney Alice + Wonderland Crown Pin- $10 + shipping

Set of 3 rose bobby pins- $4 + shipping

Black beaded choker- $3 + shipping

SOLD Charm set for DIY jewelry- $3 + shipping

Bleeding heart necklace- $5 + shipping

Pink-tinted bead necklace- $3 + shipping

Thanks for looking!
Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, infanta, innocent world, metamorphose, offbrand
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