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!DS GLB, Wristcuffs, Milky Chan Shirley Temple , !EA nile Perch, Bonnet, Swimmer, !WTB ap sc access.

! DS ! EA

My feedback can be found here

*Paypal for international payment
* no holds
* Trades are ok, I am looking everything that matchs  this  prints: 

sugary carnival lavender
Milky chan black, white and rosé
Milky Planet pink
Dreamy Dollhouse in black
IW Lotta
IW Forst animals 

*shipping comes xtra- paypal fees included!
* person who set highest offer and leaves paypal has priority
* you don´t like my prices? I am open for fair offers just ask! 
* please write down, where do you live, what do you want to have and if you need tracking or/ insurance during shipping.
I am not responsable for lost or damage shipment!!!
* in my house lives a chihuahua!


GLB xtra Boudoir

pattern never removed
sticker are gone

Shirley Temple Strawberry Kneesocks

handwashed very good condition

Shirley Temple petrol blue Lave Kneesocks

handwashed very good condition

Shirley Temple Navy Chocolat Kneesocks 

new with tag

Handmade Wrist Cuffs
closer view

15 € plus shipping

I am open for commissions! Just ask ^-^

Wristcuffs matching for Merry making Party in white:

15 € plus shipping
note: I will make them new because this pair is my private one
example of wearing them:

example of other wrist cuffs and styles:

milky chan matching:
simple cross black

AP REPLICA Milky Chan skirt black
I got the chance to get the original so this skirt can go
I only worn it once
handwashed it after I got it.

Note only the skirt is up for sale!
43 € shipped worldwide
add 2 euro for tracking and insurance

no trades here!
only matching things for my WTB, see below

Nile Perch Lucky Pack

1x jumper
2x Tshirt
1 x winter accessoirs
1x slippers
1 x little bag
1 x scrunchy
1 broaches
2 necklaces

Handmade Halfbonnet

Swimmer Cardigan

Emily Temple Cute Dress :


My lavender
SC OP will arrive soon and I need everything matching

Teaparties or others in Lavender size L, Socks, Bags, Accessoires, Knit, etc...

Tags: !ds, !ea, !wtb, emily temple cute, handmade, shirley temple, swimmer
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