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DS - Black attire for the classic and gothic loli

General information
My feedback is located here :
Shipping is not included in the price.
I prefer to ship within Europe as overseas postage costs are rather expensive, but please enquire.
I'd rather not do any holds as this is an urgent sale to raise funds for my dream dress.

Infanta Prince Prophecy Coat

Let me tell you : this coat is absolutely gorgeous. I even think it looks better than Atelier Boz and AatP coats. *3* I am really really reluctant to let it go, but I need money for my dream dress and I will re-purchase it in the future. The quality is amazing considering its price. The coat features a built-in jacquard vest and rose buttons. It's lined with a silky smooth fabric and the coat is quite heavy. The material, a soft wool blend, is relatively warm. I'd say it's suitable for chilly autumns and warm winters. Here's the Qutieland page for stock pictures and more specs : My coat is a size M, so please refer to the measurements listed. I have found them quite accurate. This coat is full enough for poofy pettis, but it'll also work for dandy/kodona/boystyle as the coat will billow nicely. One note : my coat includes the jabot and golden chain so you can dress it up or down.

Additional photos : 
Rose button close-up :
Jabot :

Mary Magdalene Caldina Frill JSK Replica - Black

I bought this jsk a while ago, but I have decided to aim for the original in bordeaux (so if anyone's parting with theirs, please do contact me~ haha). It's a really well-made dress and resembles the original which looks like this : 
The skirt features pleats, ruffles and ribbons and I think a fuller petticoat would really bring out those details.
The ribbon at the bodice is detachable.
It is in good condition, meaning no rips/stains/damage, and worn by me once.
The dress is a true black ; my terrible lighting is just ruining my snaps.

Measurements :
Bust : 80~83 cm
Waist : 70~73 cm
Length : 88 cm

Additional photos :
Skirt close-up :
Back :

R-series Antique Lace Bolero - Black

This bolero is made of black soft lace and features short sleeves. It comes with a detachable ribbon rhinestone brooch which you can pin on, but it actually closes with a hook and eye closure. Here's the Qutieland page for the bolero with clearer stock pictures and worn snaps :

Additional photos :
Brooch close-up :

Off-brand black lace bolero

This bolero is by the brand Sisley and it's made of black lace. It's also adorned with black sequins and ties with a silky satin ribbon.

Additional photos :
Lace close-up :

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