Lolita.ManEata (agalmatophiliac) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!DS Bodyline jsks, off-brand jsks, meta socks, etc.

1.) PMs will not be honored
2.) All sales are final
3.) Paypal only, my paypal is, if using CC paypal please pay fee.
4.) Feedback is here
5.) I'll ship out sometime early next week, like Mon or Tue probably.
6.) Sorry for the bad quality pictures, I have awful lighting.
7.) Feel free to make an offer on anything.

Bodyline pink floral dress like that but in pink.
Price: $34 SHIPPED within cont. USA, +$7 for international.

Bodyline pearl floral dress, no longer on the website, but standard BL sizing. Not pictured is the bow with pearls on it that pins to the waist, I do have it, I just forgot it in this picture. Here is the original stock photo
Price: $35 SHIPPED within cont. USA, +$7 for international.

Offbrand dusty pink JSK.
Don't know the official sizing, but I have a 38" bust and a 28" waist and I wouldn't go any higher than that. It has corset lacing in the back to accommodate smaller sizes though.
It's very short however, at 5'2" I think I can get away with it, but any taller might not be any good xD The skirt part measures 17" from waist to bottom.
Price: $20 SHIPPED within cont. USA, +$7 for international.

Disney Cheshire cat purse.
I love this, but i've never used it. It doesn't really hold much.
Price: $18 SHIPPED within cont. USA, +$6 for international.

Slightly damaged/stained items
I normally would feel uncomfortable selling these things, but they have just been taking up too much space in my closet for too long. I figured they'd be ok for a beginner loli or something. Also i'm selling them for dirt cheap, haha.

Handmade by someone on the comm skirt. I've never actually worn this outside, haha.
Waist: 32", partially elasticated.

One stain, but since it's on white I think it should be able to be bleached out?
Price: $10 SHIPPED within cont. USA, +$6 for international.

Offbrand Mary Magdalene replica. I only wore outside once, don't know how I messed it up.
Size is a large, bust and waist both are 38", with corset lacing in the back.

Again, I think it could be removed with bleach, also again near a polkadot...

Worst damage since it's on pink, but it's very very faint and usually gets lost in the ruffles.
Price: $16 SHIPPED within cont. USA +$7 for international..

Metamorphose pink and black socks.
Worn about 4 times, standard sock-wearing discoloration.
Wouldn't suggest these for larger legs.
Price: $9 SHIPPED within cont. USA, +$4 for international.

Tags: !ds, handmade, metamorphose, offbrand
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