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AC: Artist for commissions!

Hello everyone. :) I'm almost done with my current commissions, and since I am on Spring Break this coming week I would love some more art to work on..

Feedback: Here

Commissions Information


Prices are based on complexity of commission. Please inquire for pricing! Prices can start at $20.

Also have more on my deviantart - Commission Folder

Examples (Click on image to see original size)

Examples of all my work - Here


Also availible for -
* Pen work/line art
* Pencil sketches

* Fashion illustration (traditional or digital) and fashion related jobs (CAD, design, etc).
* Website work. (Logos, banners, etc)

Prices negotiable.



Paypal only. After we discuss details of commission through email or LJ messaging, I will send you an invoice for payment. I prefer payment before I start the commission, if this does not work out for you we can make arrangements.


Time frame

Time frame for personal commissions is 1 month. I'm looking for a job (still..) so this has to supplement as income for now. I will treat your commission like work, but please know as I am in school it can take up to a month to complete as I can't ignore school work (as much as I would like to haha). I will do my best to finish in a timely manner, and if you need something by a specific date I will most likely be able to accommodate it.

Thank you! :)

Also please see my previous sales: Here and here!
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