princesse des reves (kirakirajenjen) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
princesse des reves

AFC: Open for Commissions

As the title says, I am making myself available for commissions.
I have been sewing for 5 years now and was a costume design emphasis at university, so I am experienced in various sewing techniques.
Examples of my work can be seen here:
(a lot of my sewing work has been in costumes, so many of my examples are of costumes)

I have ordered an new serger, which should arrive soon. So all garments will be fully serged.

I can also do alterations; I can do waistband alterations, add shirring, fix zippers etc. I do have examples of my work with these, please ask if you would like to see :)

You can either PM me or send an e-mail to with inquiries.

My feedback is here:

Thank you for reading!
Tags: !afc, handmade
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