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!DT/!DS - Sugary Carnival Black OP

Hello! :)

Ah Sugary Carnival- how beautifully you photograph, how poorly you suit me! :C Though I had my camera on high-res when I took the pics, so it looks lighter than it actually is! >_>

I'm looking to either a. trade this for something on the list below or b. sell it

Trading is my preference, but I am open to offers for selling it. I say offers because I really don't have a clue what to sell it for. I only have the OP itself, none of the accessories.

If you have something on my wishlist you'd be interested in trading/partial trading, I'd love to see it! Here are the specifics:

I'm looking for Milky Planet in YELLOW *only!!!* I have the other colors that I want. The BtSSB Ribbon Flower JSK is a long-shot, but I'm willing to pay extra on top of a trade for it, and I'm open to any color in that one. The BtSSB Red Hood OP/coat I only want in *pink*. The other BtSSB princess-style dresses, I'm open to other colors of them also. I am only interested if the items have been well-cared for and are in excellent condition. ***These are the only items I am interested in, unless you have something rare/old from AP or BtSSB to show me! :)***

If you'd like to offer a trade, feel free to leave it here or PM me.

If you'd like to make an offer, please PM or email me! (it might be better to email me, as I'm having issues receiving notifications from LJ right now)

My feedback page is here: Feedback for me!

I have never made a trade before, but I have perfect feedback, and I ship very quickly! :)

Facts about the OP: I purchased it off the comm recently. The previous owner had only worn it once I believe. I have only tried it on briefly! It is in excellent condition. This is the original release, not the re-release. If you are seriously interested and would like more photos, just ask!

Wishlist Items:

Thank you for looking!

Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty
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