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Direct Sale/Trade: Dreaming Macaroon Set and boots

EGL Feedback:

- I accept trades.
- I accept offers (higher or lower);
- Please note that I am not responsible for lost or damages packages, but if it happens I'll do all I can to work it out. Regardless, insured or/and tracking is always a good idea.
- Paypal or European bank tranfer (+ delivery in person for those living in Portugal around the Porto area);
- I will take hold if provided with at least 20% of the total value of the item, this deposit is non-refundable;
- No returns;

I'd like to trade My dreaming macaroon set for the same set in any other colour, or for other AP sets.
I've worn this once for an interview, never outside.
If I can't trade it, I will sell the set for 295€
It has a small blue stain that was there when I first got it, the previous owner informed me it was nail-polish.



Pennangalan Boots EU size 39 (runs small)
Link to the actual store link
I love these boots and so I've been ignoring the fact that they are 2 sizes too big, but it's time to admit I need a smaller size.
They are flawless, I've only worn them a couple of times.
The heel is about 14cm high, the construction is impecable and they are very easy to walk in.
Tags: !ds, !dt
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