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!DS: Na+H Shoes with Boot Covers

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Na+H shoes

Size: L (US Woman's size 9)

Heel height: 6"

Platform: 4"

Original price: $300+

Asking price: $150 + $18 (shipping within the US) OR + $40 (shipping outside the US)

Up for your consideration is a pair of shoes from the Japanese gothic brand Na+H. The shoes come with two different types of straps; one that can buckle around the ankles, and a long strap so you can tie it in X shapes up the calf. Very rare and unique, geometric heel design. Both soles had to be re-glued, due to their detachment of the heel, so they are not in perfect condition. They are a bit dusty having sat in my closet for months unworn. The shoes are surprisingly easy to walk in and provide no discomfort. I am a US size 9 and they fit me very well. The last photograph is taken from the actual website, but with a boot cover.

Na+H Boot covers

Height: 22.5"

Thigh Circumference:13-16" (small, but they can stretch another inch or so)

Original price: ¥21000; approximately $256

Asking price: $100 + $6 (shipping within the US) OR + $12 (shipping outside the US)

SEEN HERE: http://www.penet.jp/na+h2/newfuku/2/a136.html

These are a pair of Na+H faux leather, lace-up boot covers. The left boot cover's slider fell off, but the teeth and the track are fine. I still have the slider, but it probably won't do much good. Just needs a new slider. Other than that, the boot covers are in excellent, mint condition.

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